31st International Conference

Conference History

The INTDS World conferences are organized biennially and are hosted by research centers worldwide. During these meetings, we share experiences and discuss problems related to target preparation.

        We trace our meetings to 1963, when the First Symposium on Research Materials for Nuclear Measurements, sponsored by the Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements (CBNM, later IRMM – Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements and now JRC-Eu), took place in Belgium. The most recent conference, was organized by Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) in Villigen, Switzerland at September 2022. The target makers community was represented by ~60 participants from Research Centers of Europe, Asia, America, South Africa.

31st Conference of INTDS

       The INTDS Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, covers current research and challenges in target development and application. The conference format includes general talks and oral contributions selected from the abstracts submitted to the scientific committee.

       Participants are invited to submit their contribution to the following topics or related subjects:

  • Preparation and characterization of high-purity and special materials for target fabrication
  • Preparation of thin films and foils (e.g. evaporation, sputtering, electrodeposition, rolling)
  • Preparation of radioactive targets
  • Preparation of liquid and gas targets
  • Beam charge strippers (i.e. foil, liquid, gas, plasma)
  • Targets for high intensity beams
  • Targets for special applications (e.g. medical, industrial, controlled fusion)
  • Target characterization
  • Target recycling and disposal

We can’t wait to welcome you to Knoxville!

10/4/2023: A view of the model Graphite Reactor Loading Face during a tour given for visitors from Los Alamos National Laboratory and the City of Oak Ridge.